Kate is a writer, musician, singer and community organizer. She and her partner Phil, took on an enormous community bequeathment of books (It was the equivalent of two shipping containers) and sorted the wheat from the chaff and established our Community Bookshop which you can visit on Friday and Saturday afternoon at The Mudbrick Pavilion.


Don is an aging writer, artist, community activist and manager of event. He is a member of the COM that manages the local Community Precinct. He has been a puppeteer, theater director and mask maker for Phantom of The Opera.

Recently published – ‘When the Fire Came By’ with Yolande Oakley. it is book of poetry and images inspired by the 2019/20 Bush Fires.



Rosemary is the unofficial poet laureate of Croajingolong. A prolific writer who writes nature poetry and reflective work centered around personal and community life.

She is also an artist who works in hand made paper, paints and natural materials.

Her ‘Poet-tree’ is a feature of our local markets


AKA Michael Dunne, Mick is an erstwhile lawyer and teacher. In real life he combines busy parenting with writing, surfing and community activism.

Much traveled, his work reflects the variety of his life experiences.

He is an engine behind The Mallacoota Progress Assoc.


Simon writes fictional narratives but struggles to write about himself in the third person. His stories range from magical realism to action and crime. After decades of denialism, Simon decided to go to university and study professional writing and editing. Currently, he is writing a novel that is not semi-autobiographical.


Bob Thorneycroft is a mime, dancer, circus performer, actor (Photo from 1975 Pram Factory), musician, and writer. He has been a creative engine in the Mallacoota creative community for alot more decades than he can comfortably acknowledge.

He taught mathematics at Melbourne University and was a boxer in a previous life.

He barracks for Collingwood and surfs.