Let’s Chat

Here we are on the brink of something. Burnt out by bushfires, isolated by the worst global medical disaster in 100 years, what is an out-of-the-way community in Far Fast Gippsland full of intelligent, creative resilient people going to do?

Unlike a hundred years ago we have a huge and varied collection of resources at our disposal. There are apps, live streaming, websites, video sites, music, games and heaps more. So let’s share what we have found. Lets reach out to each other with care and comfort. Let’s help each other sharing resources. We can beat the boredom and the loneliness.

Let’s share! Let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Chat

  1. Don, I salute you. Your kindness and humanitarianism are what make you awesome. I continue to be amazed at your drive and hope Mallacootans appreciate having you in their corner.

    When we lived in Mallacoota, Don and I got along well, though I never would be so arrogant as to presume he would regard me as a friend. Nevertheless, when the fires came, Julie and I were driving back from Melbourne listening to reports on the radio. Interestingly, the first person I thought of was Don. I said, “I wonder how Don’s going”.

    His number was still in my phone, due to the odd bit of work I still do for him. I texted. “Hey Don, How’s it going down there?”
    “Crap mate”, came the reply.
    Where was he? Helping a friend at their house, keeping the fire at bay. Of course.

    And we know how his house fared.

    So people of Mallacoota, take note, here is a person who sets an example. When I was an apprentice at the Williamstown Naval Dockyard, our overalls bore the motto “Deeds not Words”, which was hilariously ironic, because we had turned bludging into an art form. But, this is Don, ALWAYS doing something for other people.

    Now I know you have to approve publication of this comment Don, so if you’re thinking of not doing so because of your (predictable!) humility, forget it. I will keep re-writing it until you do, or just use my administrator rights to run roughshod over you!


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