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    Don Ashby

    One of the things that has stood out starkly over the three years since ‘The Fire Came By’ has been the meaning and importance of Home. A place to be, a place to live. Not just for us humans but all the creatures that surround us on the ground, in the water and in the air.
    OPEN PAGE is a project that has grown out of these feelings and preoccupations. We have established a book shop where people will find companionship, cups of tea and of course the comfort of books. We have collaborated on a book of poetry and visual art (When the Fire Comes By) as an examination of home places and hopefully as a healing tool for those of us who suffered great loses, or those in search of other insights.
    Our next project is Creature Comfort – Home and Habitat: A writerly multi-arts project.
    A BOOK
    At the heart of the project is the creation of a publication.
    Writers from our South-Eastern Corner of Victoria are invited to contribute poetry and prose towards an online and printed publication entitled – ‘Creature Comfort’ subtitled ‘Home and Habitat’. The publication will be delivered in three forms – A down-loadable/printable PDF that will be available from our website to read online or print if you wish; a locally printed and produced, on demand, hard copy that will be printed locally and presented between professionally printed covers which will contain reproductions of locally made art-works; on demand, handmade, high quality, one of a kind, books which will be reproduced on fine and hand-made papers with original one of a kind covers and possibly contain original prints. The printed forms of the publication will be sold, and after costs, proceeds will go to environmental initiatives and local arts projects.
    We encourage all age-groups and abilities to participate by submitting material. In no way will this be an elite kind of publication. Pretensions of ‘literariness’ are not encouraged. Honesty, clarity, and an individual voice will be valued.
    Editor for the publication will be Kate Jackson and Don Ashby. It is anticipated that publication date/launch will be around the 21st of April 2023. The publication will be the first in an anticipated annual publication of locally written work.
    In collaboration with Mallacoota Arts Space an exhibition themed on – ‘Creature Comfort’ subtitled ‘Home and Habitat’. Will be presented following the Summer Exhibition and opening after Easter. A multi-art form exhibition. Local artists from The Southeast Corner are encouraged to put on their thinking caps and create work around the theme Creature Comfort – Home and Habitat. More details will be forthcoming early in the new year.
    You are invited to expressing your interest by dropping us an email at
    Musicians and poets from our South-Eastern Corner will be invited to participate in a concert/launch of the – ‘Creature Comfort’ subtitled ‘Home and Habitat’ project. More information to come in the new year.

    AVANTE GUARDE ARRIVES Saturday 28 January 2023.
    An evening of cutting-edge creativity from 6pm at the Muddie, starting with rap poetry, improvised music and ending with fab Melbourne duo “Hot Tubs” (look them up, especially their hit number “Pants Off”). Cost for the event will be $10, including supper and plenty of mayhem.
    This event is our second creative writing evening sponsored by The Open Page, funded by the Community Bookshop.
    Any enquiries, please contact Kate Jackson on 0428827655
    Open Page has a web site. It is in its infancy. What it lacks is content from you. There are forums, opportunities to share your written, graphic, audio, and photographic work. We are working on the possibility for you to sell your work on the site. So, check it out and get busy – If you want to do email with us you can contact us at Some time soon we will be opening a presence on Mastodon.

    Open Page and all of us at the Community Bookshop
    would like to wish you all a Kool Yule and a safe New Year. Keep the creative juices flowing and we’ll see you on the flip side.

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